Land Ho

School Site Selection

We will guide you through the future school site selection process, including land dedication and cash-in-lieu calculations before you hire a design and construction firm. We will also develop the school site policy and regulations for each site.

Examples of Well Planned Sites


Cougar Run Elementary in Highlands Ranch, Colorado is a great example of a well planned school and park site.  This site is 17 acres with about eight acres for the school.


Another good example is Coyote Creek Elementary, also in Highlands Ranch.  This site is ten acres.

Examples of Poorly Planned Sites


This school site in Colorado is an example of poor planning.  There is only a single point of access which is also a driveway, leaving no alternatives for emergency access.  At seven acres, the site is undersized, coupled with poor topography.


Here is one example of a poorly planned site.  It is a combination middle school / high school that although the high school is under construction in this view, the issues are easy to spot, such as no vehicular access from the middle school to the high school.  The fields are above the building, which restricts supervision;  people could easily gain access to the site and no one from inside or near the building would be able to see them.  The site has separate main and student/staff entries but both are on the same end of a dead-end road.  A separate entry/exit for buses is not provided.