Anticipating Potential Growth or Decline

Managing Costs

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Now more than ever, school districts are being asked to make important budget decisions with long ranging consequences. In making these decisions, it is extremely important to review both short-term and long-term consequences in making critical fiscal decisions. Strategic Resources West, Inc. (SRW) has conducted several fiscal impact analyses about annexation and/or detachment of selected geographic areas to determine the implications on school district finances. These studies considered both current and long-term effects of property tax bases, enrollment, budgets, bond issues and more.

Case in Point: Many community members of a school district on the fringe of a fast growing metropolitan area were alarmed about rapid enrollment growth reaching into their area and the potential cost of building schools to accommodate the ensuing student population. Thus, a loud “cry” was heard to detatch the area so the existing residents wouldn’t have to pay for the growth. However, because of the large new international airport and other transportation amenities located in the subject area, SRW’s thorough fiscal assessment demonstrated that this “new area” contained the vast majority of potential commercial development and positive tax base for the district. As a result, the school board opted to keep the district intact to preserve the long-term benefit.

SRW is well-versed in such fiscal impact assessments, whether for the next budget year or for the long haul. We can successfully guide you through this important process to make the best decisions. Listen to our short audio on Keeping Costs Down and ask us how we can help your school district.