Facility Utilization Audit

Strategic Resources West offers a Facility Efficiency and Utilization Audit that provides districts with an independent, objective overview of your facility issues that should be addressed today – so they don’t turn into major problems tomorrow.

When you’re unsure about whether to look at demographics, facilities or master planning, consider a Facility Efficiency and Utilization Audit to guide your decision-making and save money.

Facility Utilization and Efficiency Audit


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A Facility Efficiency and Utilization Audit provides you with:

  • An independent, objective overview of your district’s unique situation
  • Recommendations for options that will save your district money
  • Data and recommendations in just a few short weeks
  • A very affordable way to put you in the driver’s seat for making accurate decisions about your district’s future


Depending on the size of your district, the audit is available on a sliding scale, and is very affordable. It’s a small investment that provides long-term results and can save your district serious money.

Call us today at 303-688-7963 or email dennyh@strategicwest.com for a quote and to set up your audit.