Facility Master Planning

A well-developed Strategic Plan is the centerpiece for making decisions and saving school districts money. Strategic Resources West does the critical upfront due diligence and follows a proven process to put your district on the right track.

Our Capital Facility Planning Process takes your school district through the following phases so that no stone goes uncovered. You may click on the graphic to the left in order to enlarge it. The process is as follows:

The SITUATION AUDIT identifies your actual starting conditions. The expertise that Strategic Resources West brings to the table allows you to look at your particular situation with the benefit of an independent, objective third party. Read this case study on how one district revised their operating model after the situation audit.

A comprehensive FACILITY MASTER PLAN can save millions of dollars.  Too often, master plans provide short term relief at greater long-term expense. An analysis of each building’s spaces is also an important part of this plan. This should include: room size; room utilization; proximity to compatible uses; building organization; and many other aspects. Save yourself time and money by working with us. Listen to our short audio on the Master Plan.

How did the band room end up next to the library?  Thoughtful EDUCATIONAL SPECIFICATIONS can avoid these types of problems.

SITE SELECTION is critical. We’ve seen examples of a site costing more to bus students to it than to build it in the right location, or a renovation project that would cost more than buying and improving another one. We’ll help you make the right decision so you’re not paying for mistakes later.

Making the right decisions regarding FUNDING up front is key in developing and executing a facility master plan that requires asking for less money less often. Listen to our short audio on Keeping Costs Down.

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION can be costly. Clear Ed Specs means less costly design as well as buildings that will better serve students, staff and the community.

Change happens, which makes MONITORING and MANAGING your plan critical.  Listen to our short audio on Overcoming School District Obstacles through building relationships with local planning departments and improving communication to build better schools. Continuous improvement can only come from monitoring changes and adjusting your plans and spaces to meet the needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we might be able to help you achieve your goals. Listen to our short audio on Deciding to Use a Consultant.