Making the Numbers

Enrollment Forecasting

Video 2 ScreenshotEnrollment forecasting for staffing and budgeting is a critical component to any district’s plan. We know this can be overwhelming.¬†Strategic Resources West excels at pulling together the data points you need to make sound decisions. We then compile our findings so it makes sense.¬† We will complete an enrollment history analysis, as well as analyze the impact of private, charter, and schools of choice enrollment for your school district.

Click on the photo to watch a short video on a case study about how short term decisions affect enrollment forecasts and facility utilization.

It’s also crucial to look at the impact of residential development, both in the near future and the long-term, in order to get a complete picture. Strategic Resources West will analyze the residential development surrounding your district to analyze the number of students generated over the long-term, the grade level of the students to be served, and where those students will reside. Consider this case study.

We’ve made some short audios available on various enrollment scenarios. Click on the scenario that most closely represents what your distric is facing:

Stable Enrollment Scenarios

Declining Enrollment Scenarios

Growing Enrollment Scenarios

The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology is applied when creating residential development analyses. GIS assists in the creation of mapping and school boundary development, and enrollment projection mapping to provide a glimpse into the future and how the influx of students will affect a certain area of your school district. Listen to our short audio on GIS and Planning.