Connecting the Dots

Demographic Analysis


We look at what the issues are in your unique area, and then assist you in understanding the influence these factors play on enrollment and facilities.

Listen to our short audio on Demographic Analysis and Enrollment as heard on The Leader’s Edge Show. We discuss:

  • Tight budgets
  • How to become long-term oriented
  • Things you can do to save money

Demographics play a key role in the development of city and community plans. Read our datasheet on Demographic Analysis & School Planning. When school districts are in touch with demographics and the socioeconomic factors affecting their schools and their students, they are better prepared to stay on top of developing factors. To stay abreast of any changes, Strategic Resources West offers complete economic and socioeconomic analyses for your district including:

  • Situation Review
  • Employment Outlook
  • Assessed Value Analysis and Bonding Implications
  • Demographic Studies
  • Economic Indicators

If you’d like to get more information about demographic analysis as it relates to declining, stable, or growing enrollment, contact us.