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On Demand Broadcasts

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Listen to the recorded broadcasts from our series, “Planning for Colorado’s Future in Education”. Our impressive panel of bipartisan leaders and non-partisan organizations from across Colorado discussed how we can better Colorado’s educational outlook. Learn about where the state is today on funding and how we compare to other states, and hear from legislators on how we make moves in the right direction to increase funding or make better use of the dollars we have.

The recorded broadcasts are available on demand:

August 9: Setting The Stage: Where Are We Today?

August 16: Prospects for a Better Tomorrow

August 30: Addressing Facility and Funding Programs

September 6: Overcoming the Obstacles


August 9:  Setting the Stage-Where Are We Today?

Meet Panelists Tracie Rainey and Charlie Brown

Resources courtesy Tracie Rainey and Charlie Brown:

Financing Colorado’s Future Slides



The following links may also be found on the CSFP website – www.cosfp.org.

Colorado Trends in K-12 Spending

How Much More Do Nearby States Spend?

Profile Data: 2012 Highlights

Trends in of 2012-13 District Cuts

School Finance Principles

Where to Begin When Changing A School Finance Formula

August 16:  Prospects for a Better Tomorrow

Meet Panelists Cheri Jahn and Ken Summers

August 30:  Addressing Facility and Funding Programs

Denny Hill, Director, Strategic Resources West walked us through a facility process flow and how it works for both growing and declining areas.

September 6:  Overcoming the Obstacles

Meet Panelists Judy Solano and Tom Massey

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