Efficiency and Utilization – What if We Don’t Do Anything?

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What are the consequences if you don’t do anything? This is a question we often ask superintendents, board members and community leaders when we’re undergoing a situation audit for a school district. All too often we find that districts are operating under a “we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing” premise, oftentimes unaware of the small problems that can lead into big ones. The false belief that this approach saves money is what gets districts into trouble. The big issues cost incrementally more than if they had been addressed when they were small ones.

The answers we get to the “what are the consequences if you don’t do anything” question sometimes look like any one of the following:

  • There will just be longer lines to the bathroom since we only have one for a student body of 100 (and there might be an accident or two along the way).
  • We’ll just get another modular if/when we get more students.
  • We can handle the current situation for another year . . . and THEN we’ll make a decision.

The realistic answer to this question is that if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen; except, of course, that you’ll likely be dealing with a much bigger problem the longer you wait. When speaking of efficiency and utilization, the trick is in how you step back and look at the bigger picture. You can certainly put bandages on issues as they come up, but sooner or later, that small wound is going to turn into a much bigger one, and those cost serious money.

On more than one occasion, we’ve found that there are more bandages than long-term solutions, and this can end up costing a district hundreds of thousands of dollars by having to fix a much bigger issue that could have been resolved on a much smaller scale two or three years ago. Smart planning up front can save school districts money and make room for changes ten and twenty years down the road.

You probably know if your district is heading down this path, but there are so many districts that are simply blind to it. And, it’s not a case of ignorance. It’s often a case of having too many problems to solve at once. That’s where we come in.

Before you spend a single dime on another bandage, call us. We’ve put together an Efficiency and Utilization Audit program that provides you with an independent, objective view of your district’s situation. We look at your school district’s big picture, dig into the details, and provide you with an analysis that lays out the key issues that will affect your future operations. In as little as 2 weeks, you’ll get an overview of your situation, recommendations for short and long-term solutions, and a roadmap for continued success.

Strategic Resources West provides Efficiency and Utilization Audits at an affordable rate. You can save money by getting a big picture view from which to drive future decisions. Call or email SRW to schedule your audit, and set your district up for success.