I-GEMS™ Informational Mapping Resource

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School districts are always looking to find better ways to be a resource to parents while keeping a close eye on costs. Throughout our many years of working with school districts, the same question inevitably comes up during the planning and budgeting process: “How can we best optimize our limited budget and resources?” Innovative school districts are achieving this delicate balance by shifting one of their significant resource drains to a solution that sits right on their own Web site.

What is that resource drain? You might be able to relate. How much time does your staff spend on the phone, repeatedly answering the same questions about school boundaries, attendance areas and locations? Imagine how much other work could get done if you were able to free up your staff’s valuable time. Many districts are opting to transition this resource drain to an automated solution by installing I-GEMS™ to their Web site.

I-GEMS™ is an interactive mapping program that sits directly on your school district’s Web site and provides the answers parents need, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, as they move to a new area. Instead of spending precious time repeatedly answering the same questions over the phone, your staff can point parents and realtors to your Web site for all of the answers.

I-GEMS™ is simple to install, and provides an easy and interactive way for parents to learn about school district boundaries, attendance areas, gain graphical information on school locations, and see helpful map characteristics. Your staff can gain back precious time to fulfill their important work while providing an excellent resource to families in your district – 24/7. Please take a few moments to view the I-GEMS™ demo for yourself. If you have additional questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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