Commentary: The Legislature and BEST Funding

Uncategorized on January 30th, 2014 2 Comments

Video 1 ScreenshotThe legislature’s foray into the BEST funding issue looks good on the surface, particularly from an accountability perspective.  However, as everything seems to be these days, it also appears to be a power grab from the legislature.

My fear is that this will become yet another “political football”, adding much greater uncertainty to what has been an effective program.  Instead of having the legislature debate funding every year why wouldn’t they simply tighten the rules or provide more clear guidelines for the BEST Board, which they established to oversee this program?  Mark Twain’s comments about Congress seem to apply here as well.

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2 Responses to “Commentary: The Legislature and BEST Funding”

  1. Diana Scott says:

    Point of information, on Friday our Colorado School Plant Managers Association will be voting to provide a letter in support of the Best Program.

    At our last meeting we discussed members asking our local BOE to approve a letter of support for the program, on a district-by district basis.

    As a group we have felt that it is important to let it be known that as professionals we support the program.

  2. Gerald Crumpton,AIA says:

    The concept of Policy Governance, empowering the right people and holding them accountable is not practiced by the majority of school boards. Similarly the Legislation should not be micro-managing the BEST Program. It is not broken. All organizations need change. The state legislature needs to empower the BEST Board and step back and evaluate expectations.

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